Professional Tree Services

Julian A. Morris B Sc, Dip Surv, Cert Pub Sect Man, Tech Cert Arb, PTI

Tree surveys for safety and risk

Owning trees can be a worry, and carries a number of legal responsibilities and duties. But...


Much scaremongering about this can be found in the press and on the internet. In reality and in law, all that is needed by the landowner is reasonable and proportionate care and action to prevent foreseeable harm or damage. To comply with this, I carry out

Climbing inspection of sweet chestnut, Cumbernauld 2017

Travelling from my Glasgow base I provide consultancy advice and recommendations for landowners, factors, tenants, neighbours. local authorities, housing associations, builders and utilities companies, from individual trees in gardens to whole estates, all over Scotland.


Also I can help if a property with trees is being bought or sold or leased out, a report on the condition of the trees may be required by any of the parties or a mortgage lender or insurer.


It is my professional belief that there is no one perfect way to inspect, record and report on a tree,and the secret to consistently highly regarded work is in choosing the right approach for each client so that the reporting is fit for purpose without excessive or unnecessary expense.


tree surveys that assess and explain risk in accordance with current industry best practice and provide informative and decisive written reports, backed by expertise and insurance, tailored to Scotland.