Professional Tree Services

Julian A. Morris B Sc, Dip Surv, Cert Pub Sect Man, Tech Cert Arb, PTI

Protected trees

  • The tree is in a Conservation Area

  • The tree has a Tree Preservation Order on it

  • It is a protected species or has protected species associated with it

  • It is controlled by ongoing planning conditions from a planning consent

  • It is not owned by you but intrudes into your airspace or the roots are under your ground

  • The removal of trees may require a Felling License

  • The work may be prevented by the presence of protected species like bats, badgers, nesting birds etc.


Whatever the situation, I will be able to advise on the constraints and what needs to be done (or not done) to stay within your rights and on the right side of the law, helping to resolve tree disputes with swensible pragmatic objective advice based on years of experience and a good knowledge of tree law.


I have undergone bat awareness and endoscopy training and can in some situations provided written bat roost assessments for trees.


I can also specifically prepare and submit Tree Preservation Order applications and Conservation Area notices, often avoiding later procedural or legal difficulties by getting it right first time.


There may be reasons why you cannot do what you want to do with trees when you want to do it. The main ones are: