Professional Tree Services

Julian A. Morris B Sc, Dip Surv, Cert Pub Sect Man, Tech Cert Arb, PTI

Background photo - Junipers in the gardens of Le Corbusier's celebrated "L'Unite" building, Marseille, France 2008

June 2011 - Compartmentalisation of decay

The esteemed arboriculturalist Dr Alex Shigo coined the term CODIT, meaning Compatmentalisation of Ddecay in Trees. The inset is trying to show that decay behind wounds is stopped by trees by three chemical walls 1. upwards/downwards 2.  inwards at the tree rings and 3. sideways at the rays of the wood. The main picture is from a Portugese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica) tree that we took down for a client. It had been topped by someone in the past and had a column of rot down through it, hidden from external view. It shows that the CODIT walls work just as well internally as the arrest of decay at the rings and rays can clearly be seen.

Prunus CODIT codit