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Julian A. Morris B Sc, Dip Surv, Cert Pub Sect Man, Tech Cert Arb, PTI


Background photo - Junipers in the gardens of Le Corbusier's celebrated "L'Unite" building, Marseille, France 2008

June 2012 - Hard as nails

This is something of a tree surgeon's worst nightmare, a 6 inch iron nail in an Ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior) that we removed for a client this month. The head of the nail had been covered over by a couple of inches of new wood, with barely a wrinkle on the bark to indicate that a nail had been driven into the tree many years ago. The chainsaw missed the tip of the nail by barely 1/2 an inch and if it hadn't the chain would have been wrecked instantaneously (£30 for a new one and bye-bye to any earnings from a £150 job).

At the same time it's quite impressive how the tree has managed to contain the damage from the nail and its corrosion.

The asterisk (*) marks wher another nail was poking through from the other side, anotehr narrow miss. Neither of these nails was evident until I was splitting the log for firewood

ash nail 1