Professional Tree Services

Julian A. Morris B Sc, Dip Surv, Cert Pub Sect Man, Tech Cert Arb, PTI

I am an experienced, qualified and insured arboriculturist offering a full range of tree survey, tree report  and tree consultancy services, all over Scotland.


Everything from thousands of trees to individual trees for householders. Surveys and tree reports for safety and risk, planning applications (BS5837), tree preservation orders or conservation areas, tree valuations and forensic reports. A tailored and effective service is assured.


I specialise in daylighting implications of trees and other vegetation, particularly for High hedge cases. I am also a qualified and equipped tree climber with many years experience of climbing and tree work. Aerial tree surveys and inspections are not a problem.


I carry Professional Liability insurance of £1M and can vary the cover for any special contract requirements.


Please have a look at the pages here to see what services I provide and the approach to quality, efficiency and effectiveness  that I take.

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Parthenocissus quinquefolia - London Sept '18